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Nariel Creek
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The Nariel Creek is a small to medium sized stream that flows from the Mountains near the Alpine National Park to join the Murray River below Towong.  It is known as the Corryong Creek downstream of the Colac Colac caravan park and the Jerimal Creek (mainly by locals) downstream from Corryong.  It is an excellent trout stream, with a mixture of deep pools and gravel runs.  Being a smaller stream, long casts are rarely required and delicate presentations are called for.  The Nariel is lined with willows in many places, as are most North East streams, and this often makes for challenging casting.
Fish Species: The Nariel Creek is predominantly a trout stream.  Both brown and rainbow trout inhabit the waterway, with the browns dominating in both size and number.  Carp are prevalent in the lower reaches of the stream, mainly from Colac Colac down, but they are being caught in greater numbers higher in the creek.  There is a small population of Murray cod in the lower reaches, but captures of these are becoming increasingly rare.  Redfin and the occasional River Blackfish can also be found.
Fishing Methods:  All methods of fishing are productive in the Nariel at times.
Lures fisherman can't go past the smaller celta style spinners, or one of the smaller minnow style lures.  My personal favorite is John Bennet's Baby Merlin lures, but I also carry Rapalas in 3 and 5 cm sizes. Lures are productive all year round and can be particularly deadly when used in faster gravel runs and the heads of pools.
Bait fisherman will have success with the humble earthworm.  Fish these on light line with just enough weight to have them trundling along the bottom.  Early in the season, the lower reaches are well worth a try.  As the weather warms up, anglers drifting crickets or grasshoppers will catch their fair share of trout.  The better areas to fish these baits are from Corryong up.
Fly anglers can have great fun from mid Spring right through until late Autumn.  The Nariel Creek is considered by many as a classic fly stream.  Recommended flies include red and black spinners, white moths, small nymphs, smaller sized dun and wolf patterns, beetle and grasshopper patterns.
Access:  Access to the Nariel creek can be had from a number of bridges which cross the stream.  The road from Corryong to Omeo follows the creek for some 40 kilometres and the various bridges offer excellent access to the stream.  As always, if you want to access the stream at other points anglers should ask local farmers before crossing their land.  
The lower section of the stream, from Corryong to the junction with the Murray, also has a number of access points.  There are 3 roads leading to the stream from Corryong and it is possible to fish from one access point to another in 3 - 4 hours.
Best Times:  The Nariel Creek generally fishes well all season.  The lower sections of the creek fishes best early in the season as the water in this area can become quite hot during summer.
Fishing the upper section of the creek is best from mid spring onwards.  The water runs clearly most of the year, but after heavy rains can become discolored.  
In drier years the fish will move further up the stream and the best fishing can be found from Stacey's bridge upwards.